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Customer Profile Attachments
Customer Profile Attachments

Attach pictures or PDFs to your customer's profile.

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Not only can you add attachments to specific jobs or estimates, you can attach PDFs or photographs to a customer profile! Customer profile attachments will appear on the customer's profile until you remove the attachment or delete the customer. 

1. Click on 'Customer' in your navigation bar.

2. Click the customer's name in the list.

3. In the 'Profile' section, you'll see the 'Customer attachments' box towards the bottom left.

4. Click the 'Customer attachments' box and select the file you'd like to attach from your computer.

5. You'll see the attachment appear once it's finished uploading.

  • Click the '+' sign in the right corner of that section to add more attachments

  • Click the (X) icon on the attachment to remove it from the customer profile

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