Can I add or edit service plans in the mobile app? 

  • Not at this point in time. To edit or create new plans, you must go through the web portal. 

Do employees have the ability to add recurring service plans?

  • Service Plans are included in the “Take payment, see prices & add/edit/delete jobs” permission. If the employee has that permission enabled, they will be able to add service plans.

What if I don't have an email address for my customer? 

  • You will be prompted and required to input an email address for your customer before taking payment for a service agreement. Your customer will receive an email instructing them to setup an account for their card on file for your service agreement. 

How will admins/owners know if a tech has sold a service agreement? 

  • An email will be sent to the company's support email address (which can be found in your Account Settings > Company Profile) notifying that an agreement has been sold by a tech. This email is similar to the email sent when a customer accepts an agreement.

Can the customer pay with cash, check, or credit card?

  • No, you will only be able to take a credit card payment in order to setup the card on file.

Can the plan start date be in the past?

How do I change the plan if I've selected the wrong one (before taking payment)?

  • As long as you haven't taken payment, simply click back to the main job details page and click 'Pay' again. The plan will be removed and you can start from scratch. 

How does this all push to QuickBooks Online?

  • Taking payment for the job and agreement will push to QBO the same way it does when you add from the web portal. The job payment and service plan invoice and payment will separate and appear as 2 separate invoices in QuickBooks. 

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