If you're sending an invoice to a customer and see that the service date is incorrect, you can change the date itself, or hide the service date on the actual invoice.

Service Date: the date the job/estimate was marked 'Finished' (not the day it was scheduled for).

Invoice Date: the date the invoice is actually being sent to the customer

Hide the Service Date 

1. Click 'Invoice' on the job details page

2. Click the 'Invoice settings' icon (gear icon)

3. Toggle off 'Show service date' so it appears grey (blue = on) 

Change the Service Date

1. Click into the job details page

2. Click 'Undo' above the blue 'Finish' bubble. Confirm by clicking 'Unfinish Job' 

3. Click the 'Finish' Job button

4. Select the date and time that you'd like to set as the 'Finish' time and click 'Finish' 

That's it! 

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