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Service Plan Renewal Reminders
Service Plan Renewal Reminders

Renew your Service Plans with customers in house or with an email reminder, so there's no down time between payments.

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Service Plan Renewal Emails

1. Click the 'My Apps' icon in your navigation bar and select 'Service Plans'

2. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear) in the upper right corner 

3. Scroll to the section called 'Send renewal reminder emails'. From here you can decide how many reminders you'd like to send and how many days before expiration they will be sent.

  • Options include: 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60 days

  • Click '+ Reminder' to add additional reminders

  • To pause a reminder, click the toggle to OFF. To make a reminder active, click the toggle to ON.

  • To remove a reminder, click the (X) to the right

  • To send all customers the reminder emails, including those you've set to not receive other job notifications, make sure the 'Send to customers with notifications off' setting is ON (blue)

4. What will your customers see in the Renewal email?

Setting up service plan renewal reminders will automatically generate draft customer service agreements. Any agreements that are created from a renewal reminder will be in a PENDING RENEWAL status until the agreement is accepted. For more information on service plan renewals, visit this help article.

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