Automatic service plan discounts allow you to add a service plan discount to the service plan templates you offer and then auto apply the discount to all future job and estimates for those customers.

  • Each time a new plan is created under a service plan template the customer plan will include the discount amount.

  • When a new job or estimate is created for the customer, the discount amount will be applied to the line items.

  • The discount is only auto applied on the new job/estimate page. If you remove or would like to add the discount to an existing job, it will need to be entered manually.

  • The discount amount will be applied to all line items on the job or estimate.

Add a service plan discount when creating a new service plan template

1. On your Service Plans dashboard, in the top right hand corner, click on + SERVICE PLAN.

2. Set up the service plan as outlined in the steps here.

3. In the discounts section:

  1. Turn on the 'discount on jobs' toggle

  2. Enter a description

  3. Enter a percentage amount

  4. All fields are required

4. If you would like to remove or not include a discount, the 'discount on jobs' toggle must be off.

5. Once saved, the service plan discount is now a part of the service plan template and all future customer plans.

Add a service plan discount to an existing service plan template

1. Navigate to the service plan template and select "edit service plan" in the top right hand corner.

2. Updating the discount here will only apply to new agreements, and will not change existing agreements.

3. For information on updating active service plans with a discount please see our help article on Add Discount to Active Service Plans.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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