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Sell a Service Plan from a Job
Sell a Service Plan from a Job

How to sell a service plan from the job page on web

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This feature is currently in beta testing and only available on web. For more details on how to sell a plan on mobile, visit Service Plans on Mobile.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select + service plan below the line items on the job

2. Set up the plan details and send the plan to your customer.

  • For more information on how your customer can accept and pay for their service plan, check out this help article.

  • Once the plan is sent to your customer, the service plan discount will be automatically applied to the job.

3. Pay for the service plan


  • What does removing the plan from the job mean?

    • Removing the service plan from the job will not delete the service plan. It simply removes the connection between the job and the service plan.

  • How does the automatic service plan discount work with this?

    • If there is a discount on the service plan template, this discount will automatically be applied to the job at the time the draft customer service plan is created. So this would be when the plan is sent to the customer or you click finish & pay when creating the plan.

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