Automatic service plan discounts allow you to apply a discount to all future jobs and estimates for customers on a specific service plan. To start using the feature today, update your active customer service plans with the service plan discount without having to create or edit new plans.

To update active service plans with a discount:

1. Navigate to the service plan dashboard and the “plans we offer” section.

2. Choose the service plan template that you would like to add the discount to.

3. Select “set discount for active plans” on the blue banner.

4. To add the discount:

  1. Turn on the 'discount on jobs' toggle

  2. Enter a description

  3. Enter a percentage amount

5. Once saved, the discount will be added to the service plan template and all current draft, sent and active customer service plans on that plan template.

  1. You will see this change reflected across the service plan details page for each customer plan.

  2. Depending on the number of active plans you have, there might be a slight delay in applying this change to all plans.

6. Repeat this process for all service plan templates that you would like to add a discount.

7. If you would like to remove the service plan discount, turn the discount on jobs toggle off. Doing this through the blue banner will update all active plans and the template.

8. If you would like to make changes to the service plan discount and not active plans, select "edit service plans" in the top right corner. To learn more about editing service plan templates, go here.

9. If you encounter any errors, please use the blue chat bubble to reach out to our chat team for further assistance.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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