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What Happens to Job History When I Delete an Employee?
What Happens to Job History When I Delete an Employee?
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Once an employee is deleted they will be removed from the schedule and they will no longer be able to access your Housecall account. However, the employee’s personal information will be archived .

All past and future jobs and estimates assigned to the deleted employee will remain on the calendar in the day, week or month view. You can reassign them to a different employee to remove the deleted employee from the calendar.

When an employee is deleted, under field tech status, the deleted employee’s time will no longer display the time tracked on that job. You can still see the history of who was assigned at the time, but not the time tracking part.

You can restore a deleted employee, by clicking on the three dots in the top left-hand corner of your employees page and selecting Restore Employees. For more information, check out this help article for Restoring Deleted Employees

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