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How do Field Techs use Checklists in Mobile App?
How do Field Techs use Checklists in Mobile App?

Learn how to use checklists in the field on the mobile app. Make it easy for employees to complete job specific tasks on a checklist.

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Your field techs will easily be able to see and complete checklists on jobs while out in the field and on the job.

If you haven't already created checklist templates you will need to do so and then add those checklist templates to a job.

When your field technician opens up the job details of a job that he or she has been assigned to that has a checklist, they will see that checklist below the action buttons of On My Way, Start, and Finish.

They will see Checklist Incomplete until the checklist has been completed

After clicking on Checklists Incomplete they will see a list of all items. Simply tap on each one to mark it as complete and then the checkbox will fill with a checkmark.

Once all items have been completed they will see Checklists Complete on the job details page. 

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