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Select customer type
Select customer type

You can now differentiate your customers between homeowners and businesses when creating a new customer.

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When adding a new customer, we now allow you to select what type of customer that they are. You can choose whether the customer is a 'homeowner' or a 'business' to help you differentiate between residential and commercial jobs.

How to select customer type:

1. Follow these instructions to add a new customer into your system.

2. As you are adding a new customer, you can select whether they are a 'homeowner' or a 'business'.

We will default the customer to homeowner, unless otherwise indicated during customer creation. You can also change this at any time by editing your customer profile.


If you are using our consumer financing tool, we will not show financing options to any customers that are 'business' type. This way, your large commercial customers will not automatically see the financing option.

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