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Consumer Lending - How to hide from commercial customers
Consumer Lending - How to hide from commercial customers

How to only display lending as an option for non-commercial customers

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If you'd like to only have lending options presented for selective customers:

An example that we often hear is "I don't want to have lending visible for GC's that I'm sending estimates to"

To only show lending to non-commercial customers:

1. Click into the customer record

2. Mark that customer as a 'Business' and not a 'Homeowner'

3. Update that customer's info, and all future invoices will not have lending presented to that customer as an option

Important reminders:

  • Jobs/Estimates must be within $500-$25,000 range

  • You must first sign up for Wisetack and be approved before you will be able to offer financing to your customers

  • When your customer fills out the application it is only a soft pull. There is no impact to their credit score for simply filling out the application.

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