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How can I use my Reviews Dashboard?
How can I use my Reviews Dashboard?

We breakdown each component of your reviews dashboard to give you the reviews data you need.

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If you have not already activated your Reviews App, make sure you do so first. You can turn on the Reviews app from the app store.

How to Access Your Reviews Dashboard

After clicking into your Reviews App you will be taken to your Reviews Dashboard.

Breakdown of What You See on Your Reviews Dashboard

Quantity of Reviews Over Time:

See the total number of reviews collected by customers on a monthly basis over time. Great for seeing trends and spikes in review activity.

Reviews By Review Site:

See the total number of reviews and average star rating of your reviews broken down by review site. You will also see your overall review count and star rating across sites combined.

Average Star Rating Per Employee:

See the average rating each of your employee has. This is great to use for employee development, training, and recognition.

List of Reviews From Customers:

A list view of reviews collected from customers. See the customer name, the date, employee assigned to that job, the star rating, review site source (or where the review was posted), the comment from your customer and your reply if you have replied to the review through HCP.

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