Checklists and Property Profile Training

An intermediate Housecall Pro University training where we cover the set up and activation of the Checklist and Property Profile Tool.

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This training video is part of our Intermediate Training course and is perfect for anyone looking to set up or learn more and set up the Checklist and Property Profile tool.
โ€‹1st Topic of Training - Checklists

  • Activating and setting up checklists

  • How to create checklist template options

  • Attaching checklists to your jobs

  • Completion process of checklists from the tech/mobile app side

  • How to attach checklists to invoices

2nd Topic of Training - Property Profile (Minute 16:20- end)

  • How to activate and set up property profile items

  • Attaching property profiles from customer profile, for a job and/or service plans (if applicable)

Pro Tip: Need some inspiration? Check out our Checklist Templates to see some examples broken out by industry!

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