You can now easily receive and manage the jobs you get from Home Warranties and other service providers through Dispatch in Housecall Pro.

Set Up

To get started, make sure you already have an account with Dispatch and Housecall Pro. In Housecall Pro, Navigate to the Dispatch app page which you can find here. Select "enable app" and accept the terms.

Once you accept, your app will move into processing. At this point, Dispatch will be matching your Housecall profile with your Dispatch account to insure you are linked up correctly. Once you are linked up and ready to go, you will receive an email from Dispatch letting you know you are ready to go.

This process may take up to 1 to 5 business days. To check your status, please contact Dispatch directly.

Job management

Once connected, Dispatch will push jobs sent to you by providers into your Housecall Pro account automatically once you receive them. Jobs will come over unscheduled with customer information, a description of what needs to be done in the job notes, and a tag for Dispatch.

Customer information will only be pushed to Housecall Pro once a job is pushed for them.

Once a job is completed in Housecall Pro, the job will automatically update i's status in Dispatch to reflect correctly.

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