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FAQs about HCP Data
FAQs about HCP Data

Additional information on how your data is protected

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We get frequent questions regarding how data through Housecall Pro is managed and tested. Here are the most common.

Where is our data housed?

Our system is hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. So, it is always on the latest version, continuously updated, fully encrypted, and continuously backed up.

Do you have any data penetration test results or certifications?

We integrate with large tech providers (both Google and Intuit), and we have had regular penetration tests from those companies which have passed integration standards. Those results are not publicly available.

Where can we see a history of your uptime?

Pros can look at for a history of our uptime.

Do you have an open API?

At this time only our MAX (formerly XL) pros have access to our API Key with limited access.

NOTE: This is different than the API key you use when integrating with one of our third-party apps. For more information on those integrations follow this link.

View our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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