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Pre-qualification with Wisetack
Pre-qualification with Wisetack

How to use pre-qualification to learn what a homeowner may qualify for.

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Introducing pre-qualification through Wisetack! This allows both you and your customer to know instantly what dollar amount they qualify for before you even finish the estimate. This creates instant relief from the burden of potentially large purchases, helping you win larger jobs while providing an excellent customer experience.

Interested in consumer financing, but aren’t set up with Wisetack yet? Here’s how to start: Wisetack Consumer Financing - Signing up


Pre-qualification gives your customers insight into the maximum amount they can borrow. Going through this process early - at the point of drafting an estimate - creates flexibility for both you and your customers. This eliminates any wasted time on lost estimates due to a customer’s financial situation and also allows customers to look at financing options before a tech even goes out for a visit.

Pre-qualification Process in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Send pre-qualification to customer

  2. Customer completes application and is shown how much they are qualified to finance

  3. Finalize the job and get paid!

Note: To save you time, any estimate over $500 will automatically trigger the pre-qualification banner.

Steps for the Customer

Once you've sent your customer an application, they will receive a text from Wisetack with their link to apply. After a few easy steps, they’ll learn how much they are pre-qualified to finance.

After completing the application, they will instantly be presented with their approval details.

Next Steps

Work with the customer to finalize the estimate and scope of work. Once the job is complete, simply send your invoice to the customer and they’ll be able to finance the work with only a few clicks.

That’s it!

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