How Do I Refund a Loan?

Refunding a loan is easy to accomplish if necessary.

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Refunding a Loan

In order to refund a loan, start by navigating to the job details page. Simply click the Refund button in the section labeled Payment history, confirm the amount, and then select Refund. The refund will then be initiated and will take 3-5 days to fully process and return funds to the customer.

Full Refunds

The refund pop up will be auto-filled with the full loan amount. If you’d like to issue a full refund, simply select Refund and you are finished.

Partial Refunds

If a partial refund on a loan is needed simply enter the requested refund amount in the dialog above. After submitting, only the amount entered will be refunded to the customer.

Next Steps

After submitting either a full or partial refund, the Payment history section and Activity feed on the invoice will update to reflect the latest refund. If the outstanding amount on the invoice is greater than the payment methods, the invoice will be marked as unpaid.

Other Loan Issues

If you are unable to refund a loan, or experience an issue not described above, please contact Wisetack support at either (833) 927-0333 or

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