Call Masking on Mobile

Hide your technician's phone number when they call the customer

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Our VoIP solution allows you to mask your calls on mobile so that the tech's cellphone number is hidden. We do this by calling the number on the tech's employee profile first and then calling the customer and connecting the two calls. When the customer answers the call, they will see your main business line as the caller ID. This means your customers only interact with your business line when you call them.

Setup Call Masking

To setup call masking, check out our help article on Setting up Call Masking.

Using Call Masking

Once you have call masking setup, you will be able to click a customer profile and select call on that profile.

It will then inform you that we will call the number saved on your profile first and then call the customer.

You will then receive an incoming call notification in your native dialer. Once you click Accept, it will then call the customer. It will ask you to confirm that you want to call the customer. If you wish to continue the call, you will need to press 1 on the keypad.

Once you have completed your call to the customer, that call should appear in the Call log in Inbox on web. For more details, please check out the Call Log help article.

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