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Set up Call Tracking Phone Numbers
Set up Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Get phone numbers for tracking lead sources

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Phone numbers allows you to set up call tracking numbers and see all of your existing numbers. These tracking numbers are tied to your lead sources so that when a customer calls in, you know which lead source they came from.

Get New Call Tracking Number

  1. Select Get New Number

  2. Next, please choose a lead source from the dropdown or create a new one. For more information on lead sources: Lead Source Overview.

  3. Lastly, you will choose your destination number. This is the number you want to ring when someone calls your tracking number. We are essentially forwarding calls from the tracking number to this destination number.

  4. Using the area code from your destination number, we will search the phone number database and show you available tracking numbers.

    Note: If there are no tracking numbers with that area code available, then we will prompt you to enter a 3-digit area code.

  5. Once you have selected a number, click Save. From there, you will be prompted with a dialog which provides instructions for adding your tracking number to your advertising source.

You should be all setup now to use your call tracking number. You can test it by calling that number to verify it goes to the destination number.

Edit Destination Number or Lead Source

  1. To edit your call tracking number, please select the three dots in the table row and then select "Edit destination or lead source"

  2. From there, you will be prompted with the dialog to make changes to the lead source or destination number.

  3. You can make your changes and click Save.

Delete Call Tracking Number

  1. To delete your call tracking number, please select the three dots in the table row and then select "Delete call tracking number"

  2. The dialog will appear and prompt you to type "Delete" to confirm that you actually want to delete this call tracking number. This means you will no longer be able to receive calls to that number.

    Note: The lead source will still exist but no longer be tied to the call tracking number.

Setup your Call Tracking features

Now that you have gone through the first time setup, you will want to configure your Call Tracking solution so it works for your business.

Setup your HCP Account for Call Tracking

Lastly, you will want to setup your browser and desktop so that it works with our Call Tracking solution. Follow these steps to ensure you can receive desktop notifications and trigger the intake flow.

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