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Use the Call Log

Learn how to view past calls on the call log

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Call Log

Accessing the Call Log

  1. In the main nav, select Inbox. Under Inbox, you should see Call log:

Viewing the Call Details

  1. Click on the row in the call log to open up the Quick View to view the details:

Filtering on the Call Log

  1. On both the global and customer call logs, you will have the ability to filter by:

    1. All - all calls

    2. Missed - only shows missed inbound calls

    3. Inbound - only shows answered inbound calls

    4. Outbound - captures all outbound calls

    5. Voicemail - shows all calls with a voicemail

Badging on the Call Log

  1. When there missed calls or new voicemails, we will badge the call log and increment the value:

    To decrement the badging for missed calls, you will need to select the call and view the call details. To decrement the badging for voicemails, you will need to select the call and play the voicemail recording.

Edit Caller on the Call Log

  1. To edit the customer, select the call and click Edit caller:

  2. From there, you can search for a customer and click Save. You're able to create a new customer if needed too.

Edit Call Notes on the Call Log

  1. To edit Call Notes, select the particular call and then click View and edit notes:

  2. From there, you can use the right side of the details to edit the call notes:

Listen to Recordings on the Call Log

All call recordings and voicemails (if you have VoIP) will appear on the call log in the Quick View. You will be able to listen to them directly from the call log, download them, and/or adjust the playback speed.

You can also play recordings directly from the call log with the actions on the far right:

Note: We do include badging so you know when there are new voicemails or missed calls. The voicemail badging will not dismiss until you listen to the voicemail recording.

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