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Toggle on/off recording for your calls

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Recording Calls

Here's how to set up call recording so that all calls, inbound and outbound, get recorded.

Toggle Call Recording

  1. Choose "Recording calls" from the left-hand nav

  2. Toggle on "Inbound call recording" and/or "Outbound call recording"

This toggle ensures that all of your inbound and/or outbound calls get recorded. Both inbound and outbound calls recording will be defaulted to off.

Call Recording Notice

Once you toggle on call recording for either inbound or outbound calls, you will see a box to play our call recording notice or not. If the play call recording notice is turned on then the caller will hear: "This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes" before the call is connected.

If you wish to turn off that call recording notice, you may toggle it off and a legal disclosure window will open which will inform you about recording laws. You will need to check the box to agree to accept responsibility for compliance of these recording laws.

Once turned off, we will not play the call whisper before connecting the call. It will be your responsibility to inform the caller that the call is being recorded.

Note: If the customer wishes to not be recorded you will be able to turn on/off call recording while you are live on the call.

Lastly, these recordings will be accessible through your call log which can be found in Inbox. Please note, there may be a short delay from when the call or voicemail is recorded and when it is accessible on the call log. The delay will vary depending on the length of the recording. You will need to refresh the call log browser tab for the recording to show.

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