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Make and Receive Call Tracking Calls
Make and Receive Call Tracking Calls

Learn how inbound and outbound call tracking calls work

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Call Tracking allows you to track calls from customers to your tracking numbers while still using your existing phone solution. For more details on call tracking, please see an overview of our Voice Solution.

Check out this tour in the product.

Receiving an Inbound Call

  1. Once you have added your call tracking numbers to your advertising sources, a customer can call into that number. As an example, calling 720-597-8061 will get forwarded to 303-746-7091 where the call will get answered because that is the destination number.

  2. When you receive an incoming call tracking call, you will receive a desktop notification. If it is an existing customer, you will see the customer name, number, and the lead source associated to the call tracking number they called. If it is an unknown customer, you will see the phone number and lead source only.

  3. By clicking on the desktop notification, it will open up the customer intake flow with customer information populated. As you can see, the customer profile, phone number, and address have all been populated for you. Simultaneously, you will answer the phone on your existing device.

  4. Using the customer intake flow, you can gather information about the customer, schedule the appointment, and update their customer profile. You will also be able to toggle on/off call recording through the customer intake flow.

  5. Once you are done, you will have the option to save it as a job, estimate, or call notes.

    1. If you save it as a job or an estimate, this information will get auto-added to the call log with that information attached:

    2. If you save it as call notes, you will have to manually enter the reason and notes associated to the call for that to get added to the call log:

    3. On the customer intake form, you can save the call as “Spam”. This will let you block callers directly from the customer intake.

      1. From there, you will see the call notes dialog with the ability to mark the checkbox and add the number to your block list:

Making an Outbound Call

  1. To make an outbound call, you have a few options. You can either call from the global call log or the customer call log. You will be able to call through the Call details on either page.

    1. Global call log:

    2. Customer call log:

  2. Once you click the call button, the customer intake flow will open in a new tab with the outbound call dialog over top. You are able to choose which number we should call for you to answer first. You can also choose which number you wish to call if the customer has multiple phone numbers. Lastly, you can choose the caller ID if you have multiple call tracking numbers.

  3. Once you click Start call, we will call you first on the selected "Your phone" number. Once you answer that call, it will ask you to Press 1 to start the call to the homeowner. Once both calls have been made (one to you and one to the customer), it will connect the two so you can have a conversation with that customer.

  4. Just like with an inbound call, you will be able to add notes, edit the job, etc. and then that data will appear on the call log. You will also be able to toggle on/off call recording through the customer intake flow.

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