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Set up Call Tracking for the First Time
Set up Call Tracking for the First Time

Setup call tracking for the first time

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Our call tracking offering allows you to track where your customers found your business automatically through designated tracking numbers. You tie your call tracking number to a lead source so when the customer calls into that number, you know exactly where they found your business. This provides visibility into your best-performing marketing channels so you can invest smartly.

Check out this tour in the product.

First Time Set up

  1. When you are first setting up your Call Tracking experience, you will go through our onboarding flow. It starts with a marketing page that communicates the value of our integrated phone system:

  2. Next, you will start the process of purchasing a call tracking number:

    1. First, you will see some information about what call tracking numbers are and how they can help your business:

    2. Once you click "Get Call Tracking Number", you will see a dialog to have you add this number to a lead source and to forward calls from the tracking number to a destination number. The destination number is where you want the call to ring when someone calls your tracking number.

    3. Next you will see a list of numbers that match your area code. You may choose one of these numbers as your call tracking number:

    4. Once you click "Save", you will get a success dialog with information on how to complete your setup by adding the number you just acquired to your advertising source:

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