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Add Call Tracking Numbers to Your Advertising Sources
Add Call Tracking Numbers to Your Advertising Sources

Learn how to add your call tracking number to your advertising source

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We have provided a set of instructions for adding your call tracking number to the most popular lead generation platforms so that you can easily get your tracking numbers set up properly:

Google My Business

  1. Go to Info from the left menu.

  2. Under your company, you should see a phone.

  3. Click on the edit icon next to the phone.

  4. Add your tracking number as your primary business phone number.

  5. You can still have your company phone number as a secondary number.

  6. Click Apply.


Facebook Business

  1. Login to your Facebook Business account.

  2. Navigate to Business Tools and go to Business Settings

  3. On the left menu, go to Business Info.

  4. Under Business Details, click Edit. Add your tracking number as your business phone number.

Facebook Page

  1. Navigate to your Pages and open up your page.

  2. Go to About.

  3. Go to Contact and Basic Info on the left menu.

  4. Click Add Phone.

  5. Add your tracking number and click Save.


  1. Login to HomeAdvisor Pro.

  2. Go to Account and then Communication Preferences.

  3. Edit Business Phone and add your tracking number.

  4. Click Save.

Note: This is a “gig economy" account which means it has limited access to core features.

Angi’s (formerly Angie’s List)

  1. Go to your Profile and under My Business, click on Contact Information.

  2. Update your phone number with your tracking phone number.

  3. Click Save.


  1. Go to the Business Information tab.

  2. Click Add or Edit under Business info.

  3. Add your tracking phone number.

  4. Click Save changes.


  1. Log in to your Thumbtack account.

  2. Find your profile by selecting the Profile tab.

  3. Click View as customer to see a preview of your profile.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Add your tracking phone number.

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