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Configure Your Call Flow
Configure Your Call Flow
Instructions for setting up your VoIP Call Flow
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Here's how you set up your VoIP call flow, which will dictate how your calls go through the system.

Create Call Flows

Call flows allows you to forward calls based on hours, configure how you want your calls to ring on HCP web, and which audio file you want to be played for your voicemail.

  1. To create a call flow, select "Create call flow"

  2. We provide a template to get you started:

  3. Click Next and then you can configure how the call goes through the system and click Save.

Editing Call Flows

  1. To begin editing a call flow, click the ellipses to the right of your call flow row, and select "edit call flow".

  2. From there, you will be able to rename your call flow by clicking the pencil icon.

  3. You can also update the widgets in each call flow. Simply select the widget and then a right panel will open for you to make edits.

Configuring Widgets

Incoming Call Widget

The incoming call widget lets you decide which lead sources should be assigned to this call flow. You cannot remove a number from a call flow but instead can assign it to a new call flow through that incoming widget.

Call Hours Widget

You can choose one of three options:

  1. Available 24/7: This will route all calls 24/7 to the next step in the call flow

  2. Use business hours from company profile: Based on the hours set in your business hours settings, we will route calls if you are open or closed to the next step in the call flow

  3. Use customized hours for calls: This option will let you choose which hours you are open or closed and route calls to the next step based on that

Ring on HCP Web Widget

With this widget, you can decide how long you want it to ring on HCP web until the call moves to the next step in the flow.

Simul-Ring Widget

The simul-ring widget will let you configure who gets rung. You can choose all available web phones, a specific employee, or a ring group. For more details about ring groups, click here.

Send to Voicemail Widget

The send to voicemail widget will send the customer to a voicemail. You can select whether the caller hears the audio file you select or a text-to-speech message which you can configure. For more info on setting up your voicemail library, click here.

Forward Call Widget

The forward widget lets you forward your calls to an employee or to an external number. This will allow you to do rollover forwarding so if you don't answer when it rings on HCP Web, you can forward it to another number.

If you have HCP Assist, we suggest you set up rollover forwarding so that you can forward the call to your answering service. If you don't have HCP Assist and want to learn more, check out this link.

Play a Greeting Widget

The play a greeting widget will play a message to the customer at the beginning of the call. You can select whether the caller hears the audio file you select or a text-to-speech message which you can configure. For more info on setting up your audio library, click here.

Add & Remove Steps

In your call flow, you can add or remove steps to your call flow. There are buttons on the call flow which let you add a step. This will open up a right menu to let you choose which widget to add.

You can also remove widgets by clicking the X on the widget.

Alternatively, you can remove a widget by clicking on the widget and selecting remove step.

Note: you are only allowed to remove some widgets so if they are not removable then they won't have an X or remove step option.

Saving Your Call Flow

You can update the call flow by clicking the button in the top right corner: Update Call Flow.

Note: If you have a call in progress, updating your call flow may cause that call to fail.


Can I forward my calls to a cell phone?

Yes, you can add a Forward to widget and then enter your cell phone number. If you want to ensure the call comes back to HCP web or to another answering service like HCP Assist so that calls / voicemail will be recorded, you'll want to set the duration at something like 15seconds so the call doesn't end in your mobile voicemail.

Can I add a call greeting to my call flow?

We are currently building this feature out and it will be available by the time we launch to all VoIP Pros.

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