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Upload Files to Your Audio Library
Upload Files to Your Audio Library

Learn how to upload audio files to your VoIP audio library

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Here's how to upload your audio files so that you can create an experience for your customers that is custom to your business. Here's where you'll add professional phone greetings and voicemails which you can then use in your call flows.

Audio Library

You will start with an empty audio library where you can upload files to add to your call flow.

Upload New Audio File

You will be prompted with a dialog to name your audio file and attach the file.

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We only accept mp3 or wav audio file types. If you try to upload the incorrect file type, we will provide an error message and inform you to try again.

Once you have uploaded a file, you can click Save.

Edit Audio File

If you have an audio file uploaded, you can edit them by clicking the three dots and selecting edit audio file.

You will be able to update the name or upload a new file and click Save.

Delete Audio File

You can also delete your audio file. If an audio file is being used in any of your call flows, you will not be able to delete it.

Now you can use these audio files in your Call Flows. Click here to learn more.


What file types are acceptable for the audio file?

MP3 and WAV files work. MP4s will not work.

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