Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution allows you to make and receive calls directly in HCP web. This will give you a full picture of all calls made to and by your business. By replacing your existing phone system with Housecall Pro’s integrated solution, you’ll eliminate the need for multiple, cumbersome tools and boost efficiency.

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First Time Setup

When you are first setting up your VoIP experience, you will go through our onboarding flow. It starts with a marketing page that communicates the value of our integrated phone system.

Port or Purchase

From there, you will select Get Started and be prompted with the choice to either:

  • Port over your existing numbers

  • Purchase a new business number

Now, if you have a business line that is crucial to your business then the porting process is the right selection for you. However, please be aware that it will take 1-3 weeks to get that number ported. When you do port, you will be able to port over your main business number and any other call tracking numbers you wish.

The other option you have is to purchase a new business number. If you are ok with a new line then the purchasing experience is much quicker to get you up and running. The purchase option is great to test out our VoIP solution before you port over your number.

Porting Over Your Existing Phone Number(s)

  1. The first step is to attach your documents. We will need at least a Letter of Authorization which you can download from the page. We will also need a phone bill from your existing carrier.

  2. Please attach those documents below the steps

  3. Once you have attached your documents, you may click Initiate the Porting Process and you will get a confirmation dialog

  4. You should also receive a confirmation email which has the documents you submitted attached.

  5. Our HCP support team will then submit the request through Twilio and reach out to you via email to progress the process along.

  6. In some scenarios, we may require additional information from you so we will reach out via email in order to gather the additional documents. Once the carrier has all of the information they need, they will provide HCP with a date and time for your port so that you may use that number in HCP web. We will inform you of the date via email:

Please note that if you ever want to port away your number, then you will need to follow your new carrier's port process. Lastly, if you want to port a number back in again, chat us in the blue bubble or email porting@housecallpro.com

Purchasing Your New Business Number

  1. The first step is to select the area code you wish to use

  2. Next you will select the number that you prefer and click Save

  3. From there, you should receive a confirmation screen that the number was successfully purchased and you will be dropped into the Phone Numbers page with your new business number populated.

Setup your VoIP features

Now that you have gone through the first time setup, you will want to configure your VoIP solution so it works for your business.

  1. Navigate to your Voice settings

  2. Under Phone Numbers, get a call tracking number to track your lead sources

  3. Update the default voicemail greeting by uploading a custom voicemail greeting

  4. Setup your business line call flow so you can forward calls based on your company business hours

  5. Configure call recording

  6. Setup call masking for your technicians

  7. Learn how to monitor your plan usage

Setup your HCP Account for VoIP

Lastly, you will want to setup your browser and desktop so that it works with our VoIP solution. Follow these steps to ensure you can hear your calls, receive desktop notifications, and trigger the intake flow.

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