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Our Voice package provides three sets of features:

  • Call Tracking

  • VoIP (Voice-over IP)

  • Customer Intake

These features will allow you to communicate with your customers directly in HCP. You have the ability to see all of your calls and chats with a customer through our Inbox so that you have a unified and contextual view of your customers.

Learn more and purchase by visiting our Voice Landing Page! You can also look at our FAQ for more details.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is an add-on feature that allows you to track your best performing marketing channels. You are able to purchase a call tracking number and add that number to a unique advertising source. When a customer calls in, you will know exactly where they found you because that call tracking number will be tied to your lead source. You are still answering calls through your existing phone system because we forward calls from your call tracking number to your destination number.

Learn how to setup your call tracking solution.


VoIP is an add-on feature that provides the ability to answer calls directly through HCP-web. All you have to do is purchase or port over your business line so that you can make and receive calls through HCP. You will receive a browser notification when calls come in, seamlessly answer them with the customer intake flow, and see a full history of all calls through the call log. With VoIP, you can use call tracking numbers and forward calls from the tracking numbers directly to that business line.

Learn how to setup your VoIP solution.

Take a tour of our VoIP solution.

Customer Intake

This solution also includes the Customer Intake which allow you create scripted request guides and FAQs to intake customers more efficiently. The Customer Intake form is divided into three main sections: Request, Schedule, and Contact.

Learn how to setup and maximize customer intake.

Learn more and purchase by visiting our Voice Landing Page!

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