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Manually pushing job information into your QuickBooks account

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Whenever you need to push an invoice and/or a payment to QuickBooks Online, you can do this from the Job details page.

The first and easiest way is to just click one of our finish, invoice or pay buttons. This will trigger HCP to sync over to your QuickBooks Online within 2-5 minutes.

To manually push this over, navigate to the Job details page for the invoice, and scroll to the bottom to view the QuickBooks Online section of the details page.

Select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to bring up the menu for the QuickBooks Online box.

Select Push invoice/payment to QuickBooks Online

This will tell the system to push the information to QuickBooks Online. If the invoice successfully pushes over to QuickBooks, a link will appear under QuickBooks Online Transactions (as seen below).

If you receive any errors when trying to manually push an invoice into QuickBooks, the box will reload and list the errors under the QuickBooks Online Alerts section (as seen below)

If your attempts to reprocess the error fail, please open the blue chat bubble and allow us to help you further with the error.

PRO NOTE: This action will now allow you to push a $0.00 invoice to QuickBooks Online, but you must have at least one line item on the invoice, that can be $0.00.

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