APIs are used to connect two apps together so that certain actions in one app automatically trigger a response in another app. Once you’ve identified a trusted developer to build an integration, you will need to grant them an API key and share our public API Documentation with them to get started.

As a note: Housecall Pro cannot build or maintain custom integrations created via API keys. Hire a skilled developer who you trust before getting started.

Generate your API Key

Step 1:

Sign into your Housecall Pro account and go to your app store. Keep in mind that only Admin users can generate API Keys. Because an API key can expose sensitive data from your account, office staff do not have access to generating API keys.

Step 2:

Find the API app card, and click Learn More.

Step 3:

On the right hand side, click Generate API Key.

Step 4:

Name your API Key. This way, you can keep track of what project you are working on or who you are granting this API key to.

Step 5:

Copy the API key and send it to your developer.

If you ever need to delete the API key, you can delete it as shown below. Keep in mind that deleting your API key will break any integration that is currently using it.

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