The Homepage will replace our current dashboard seen upon log in. This feature is in alpha, and will roll out to all Pros by the end of March.

What is the purpose of the Homepage?

The Homepage is designed to give you an informative, actionable, and relevant launch point in the software. Unlike the Dashboard, which is being replaced by our new reporting suite, the Homepage puts you in the driver’s seat by providing immediate visibility into:

  1. What they need to take action on

  2. The high level financial health of their business

  3. What is happening that day

  4. What they’ve done recently

How do I navigate to my jobs, invoices, and estimates?

There are links in the top Open items section that provide access to each of those items. The numbers listed will be a link that will direct you to the drill down of that item, whereas the All invoices/estimates/jobs/service plans link will take you to a list of all of the items for that area.

You can also access the full list of your jobs and estimates by clicking on ‘Customers’ in the main navigation bar and then clicking on Jobs or Estimates in the left rail. From this page you will be able to search for any job/estimate, filter by date or lead source, and import or export your data.

How do I get to the Timesheet?

The easiest way to get to the Timesheet is to click on the ‘My apps’ icon in the top right of your screen, and then click on the Timesheet icon.

Can I continue to use the existing Dashboard?

The new homepage will replace the existing dashboard in your account. Most of the existing Dashboard content will have been migrated to the reporting suite (with exceptions noted here).

In order to introduce, and sustain, a better overall user experience, reporting will now be separate from the immediate post-login landing page.

At Housecall Pro our aim is to make our product as user friendly and useful to your business as possible; this starts with making an interactive and flexible homepage full with activity and metrics from your business.

Where are the reports Pros used to see on the Dashboard page?

Most of the reports and links on the Dashboard are already accounted for in the new reporting suite and in new list views. Until the point at which all of them are accounted for, the Homepage will link to existing legacy reports and list views.

Are custom reports going to be available in the new Homepage?

All custom reports related to jobs and estimates will be migrated to reporting. Timesheet, Stripe terminal, and Jobs by tags reports will still be available in their respective areas in the application.

In “Today’s stats”, what does the % change represent?

The percentage shows the change from the current day to the prior day, or the current week (to date) to the prior week, or the current month (to date) to the prior month.

A couple notes:

  • If there is no data for that particular day, we will not show a percentage, as there is no data to compare to

  • If the percent change from yesterday to today is 0%, with data for that day, you will see a grey 0% pill

What is ‘My activity’ (and how is it different from the Activity Feed)?

That feature displays the last 20 interactions the logged in user had in Housecall Pro.

Will the Homepage be customizable?

Not at this time. Some degree of configurability will be introduced in the future.

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