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Set up New Online Booking Services
Set up New Online Booking Services
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Service-level settings give you more control over the experience your customers will have and will help streamline how online bookings show up on the calendar and within Housecall Pro.

To enable, first, go to Price Book and find a particular service you want to enable or set up for online booking:

In the "Booking" section you'll find the following options:

  • Show the service in Online Booking - this toggle indicates which services are going to be visible to your customers in the online booking flow. If you want your customers to be able to book this service online, turn this toggle on.

  • Duration - this variable allows you to control the duration of that scheduled job or estimate. The information about the duration of service will not be visible to your customers.

  • Book this service as a Job or Estimate - using this feature, you can decide if a particular service, once booked via online booking, gets created in your schedule as a job or an estimate. You can choose one option, but not both.

  • Assign service to an employee - this feature allows you to connect services to employees or employee tags depending on who can perform a particular service, but will not be visible to your customer. You can add one or more employees or employee tags. (Employee tags can be managed in Settings > Employees.) Our online booking system will look only into available times in the employee(s) when suggesting availability to your customers. If you're not seeing an employee you wish to enable for online booking, go to Settings > Online booking > Available Employees and add them. It's important to know, regardless if the service is assigned to an employee or not, once booked it will be assigned to the employee that is marked as the Point of Contact.

  • Troubleshooting questions - you can add up to two questions per service that will be displayed to your customer only once they pick this particular service for booking. After picking this service in the online booking flow, your customers will see the questions you define. If you leave the fields blank, your customers will not see any additional questions.

Example how the "What brand is your AC?" troubleshooting question is displayed in the flow:

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