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Bill Pay is only available to a select group of alpha testers.

How much does Bill Pay cost?
Bill Pay is a free feature within Housecall Pro. An HCP Money account is required to use this feature. HCP Money is included in Housecall Pro Essentials and Max subscription at no additional cost. We don’t charge sign-up fees, monthly fees, or overdraft fees. Review the eligibility requirements for more details for HCP Money.

What payment options do I have with Bill Pay?
You can submit payment to a vendor with a bank transfer (ACH) or by mailed check.

How long will it take for a vendor to receive my payment?
On average, payment should reach the vendor within 7-10 business days with a mailed check or 2-4 business days with a bank transfer.

Will the funds leave my HCP Money account immediately after I submit a payment?

Yes. Your HCP Money account was debited based on the payment you submitted. (Specifically with checks) the funds will be held until the vendor has cashed the check or it is voided.

Are there any fees associated with this?
There are no fees when you use Bill Pay.

Is there a Quickbooks integration?
Yes. Bill Pay integrates with QuickBooks Online. To learn more about the integration click here.

How do I cancel a bill payment?

To submit a cancellation request, please use the blue chat bubble and provide the payment creation date, amount, and vendor information. You can submit a cancellation request for bill payments that have been submitted but not processed by your vendor.

Once the request has been confirmed and processed please allow 10 business days for the bill payment to be canceled and the money returned to your account.

ⓘ Checks are automatically voided after 90 days. The funds from voided checks will be moved back to your HCP Money account after 10 business days.

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