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Controlling Payroll Access
Controlling Payroll Access
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To control who has access to your payroll settings and who can actually run payroll in your company, we've introduced new permissions called Payroll Admin.

  1. If you were running payroll before Aug 16, 2023, all Admins on your Housecall Pro account have received this new permission. They were able to run payroll previously and they retained this option. See the section below on how to change it.

  2. If you're onboarded past Aug 16, 2023, the permission will be assigned by your Implementation Specialist during onboarding.

Who has Payroll Admin in my account?

Navigate to My money → Payroll → Employees & contractors to see the table of your payroll users. The ones with Payroll Admin will have a gray label next to their name on the list (pictured below).

⚠️ Payroll Admin permission can only be assigned to a person who's visible on the Employees and contractors table. In a rare case where your Payroll Admin is not part of your company payroll read here for details.

How do I change Payroll access?

To make changes to Payroll access, chat into the Blue Chat Bubble and ask for the Payroll team. Let us know which user(s) you would like to remove (or include) from Payroll Admin permission, and our team will take care of that on your behalf.

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