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Payroll Admin not Included in Payroll
Payroll Admin not Included in Payroll

This page answers the question of how to give Payroll Admin permission to a person not processed for your company's payroll

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Here are the two most important requirements for Payroll Admin permission:


How to check

1. A person has Housecall Pro license

They can sign in and access My Money tab in the top navigation

2. A person is set up for payroll

They are listed in the My money → Payroll → Employees & contractors table

If the person processing payroll in our organization is not included in your payroll, they will not be listed in Employees & contractors table. Here's how to change that:

  1. In My money → Payroll → Employees & contractors select Add to payroll

  2. From the dropdown select Existing user

  3. Continue to fill out the form and select Save in the top right corner

Once saved this person will show up in My money → Payroll → Employees & contractors and you can proceed to contact Housecall Pro using Blue Chat Bubble and request the Payroll Admin role for this new user.

Billing considerations

Because your Payroll Admin is now set up for payroll, they will show up on the list of people ready to run payroll.

If you don't run payroll for this person, leave all their payroll fields empty and they will not be processed for payroll. Doing so will exclude them from your monthly payroll bill.

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