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Reserve with Google Troubleshooting
Reserve with Google Troubleshooting

What to know if your Reserve with Google integration is not connecting automatically.

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This article will help walk you through solutions to try if your Reserve with Google integration is not connecting automatically. For more information on the Reserve with Google integration, read the overview here.

Make sure your business information matches exactly

The Reserve with Google integration should connect automatically if:

  • You have a Google Business Profile

  • The following information matches between Housecall Pro and Google exactly

    • Business name

    • Business phone

    • Business address

It will not connect if it is not an exact match. For example:

Does NOT match

If you do not have a Google Business Profile

If you do not already have a Google Business Profile, you will need to create one. Make sure you input all your business information exactly the same as it appears in HCP when you are setting it up.

Set up your Google Business Profile here.

Answer any questions with Google's help article here.

If the "Book Online" Button Does Not Appear

These are some possible solutions if you believe your business information matches exactly, but the "Book Online" button is still not appearing.

Preferred Links

If you notice the "Book Online" button is not appearing on your Google Business Profile, but instead looks like this:

Then you must remove any "preferred links" that you have set on your Google Business Profile. These will override the big "Book Online" button and will prevent it from appearing. This is what that section looks like in your Google Business Profile settings, make sure you do not have any links added here:

Once you remove any "preferred links" the "Book Online" button should appear within 24 hours.

Service Area Businesses

We know it is common for businesses like yours to list your service areas on your Google Business Profile rather than an address. If you do not have an address on your GBP, Reserve with Google will not connect automatically. However, these are the steps to take to get enabled:

  • Chat in to the blue bubble

  • Provide the URL to your Google Business Profile

  • Our tech support team will be able to manually match your HCP account with your Google Business Profile

  • The "Book Online" button should appear within 24 hours


  • Google has a handful of unsupported industry categories that will be unable to match and use this integration. There is not a set list of these because they are often changing due to region and policy.

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