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Schedule Recurring Jobs from your Android Mobile Device (Beta feature)
Schedule Recurring Jobs from your Android Mobile Device (Beta feature)

Schedule a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual recurring job from your Android device

Written by Patryk Wodniak
Updated over a week ago

Please note: This feature is currently in beta testing and not yet available to all users

⚠️ Recurring jobs on mobile will be supported on iOS mobile devices later in 2023.

Create a recurring job from the Android mobile app:

  • click "+" bubble in bottom right corner

  • Input the customer and Line Items

  • Click "When" in Schedule section

  • From the new screen, in the "Recurrence" section, you can select the frequency of recurrence

    • (By default, it is set to "Does Not Repeat," which is equivalent to creating a single job)

  • Select recurrence frequency.

  • After selecting Recurrence frequency, a new section titled "Ends" appears.

  • You have the option to set conditions for how long the recurrence series should last. There is an option to create a series without an exact end time by selecting "Doesn't End." Additional options allow you to select an exact date as the finish date for the recurrence, or to end the series after a selected number of jobs are scheduled for the future.

  • After a Job is created, based on the selected frequency and end date, jobs are scheduled in the calendar. Jobs that are part of a Recurrence series will have this information displayed on the Job Details page.

ℹ️ Editing Jobs that are part of a recurrence series will only edit the selected single job. The ability to edit an entire recurrence series will be added to the mobile app (iOS and Android) in the first half of 2024.

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