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Voice on Mobile Call Details
Voice on Mobile Call Details
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The call details screen on the Voice on Mobile feature will help you easily see information on individual calls and listen to call recordings and voicemails.

+ - Create a job, estimate, or new intake form and attach it to the call


  • Add or edit customer attached to call

  • See Customer History

Call Notes

  • Add or edit call notes

Call Recording

  • Listen to call recordings (if available) and voicemails for a call

Lead Source

  • View, add, or edit the lead source for the call

Call Reason

  • View, add, or edit a call reason

  • If a job or estimate was created from the call, it will be linked here

Call Information

  • Employee - User who made or received the call

  • Phone number - Number the call came from/was made to

  • Date and time - When the call took place

  • Duration - How long the call lasted

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