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Call Conversion Rate Reporting
Call Conversion Rate Reporting
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Call conversion rate reporting allows you to accurately see your call to job conversion on any of the customers calling through Voice. Now you’ll be able to easily see all calls coming in, your call conversion rate from your total opportunity calls, and how many estimates or jobs were generated from those calls.

Note: Call conversion rate reporting is only available for Voice users. Click here to learn more

Accessing Voice Reporting

After navigating to your report tab, Voice users will now see a menu for Voice reports. Click into the left sidebar to open up your reporting menus.

Then click into any report to view your data.

Changing report output/filtering your data

Change the date range

You can click on two date settings buttons on the top of the chart to change the data being shown. This functionality is the same on every report.

  • Date range = show me any leads that fall during a date range that I specify

Apply filters

You can apply any of the following filters by clicking on the manage filters button.

Adjust the group by and metrics

Finally, you can customize the metrics in the data table by using the edit columns button. Once in the edit columns menu, you can select or unselect metrics to see in the table.

From this view you can select the metrics to include in your report, and you can change how the data is summarized (by date, employee, call reason or lead source) by using the group by drop down selector in the edit columns menu.

Understanding Call Metrics

  • Total Calls: Total count of calls received through Voice within the reporting parameters set.

  • Opportunity Calls: Total count of calls that have the opportunity to turn into jobs. These are your customer calls (i.e. not vendors, spam, etc). The following call reasons count as opportunity calls: lead created, estimate created, job created, pricing inquiry and follow up.

  • Estimates created: Total count of all estimates created from calls received through Voice.

  • Jobs Created: Total count of all jobs created from calls received through Voice.

  • Conversion rate: Percentage of calls that have turned into estimates or jobs.

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