How do I add job notes from the mobile app?

Add information to a job quickly and easily right from the field

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Since Housecall is a cloud based system, you can add notes to a job or estimate right from the field and it will be automatically synced with the web portal, making it easy to stay organized. 

Go to the job details page of the job you need to add notes to. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Private Notes' button.

This will bring you to an editable page that will display any notes that were previously entered. You can start typing right on this screen to add any additional information that is needed. These notes are for internal use only, so your customer will not see them. 

Remember! You can also click the microphone button and simply speak the notes into the phone. It will transcribe the notes for you.

After you've entered all of the information you need, hit the 'done' button in the top right. You'll see the notes you've entered under the 'Private Notes' section. If you need to add more information to the job, you can click the '+' button to add a new note, or you can click on the note you already created to edit it.

From the edit screen, you can also delete your note.

If you have multiple notes, that you'd like to view all at once. You can click on the 'expand' button in the upper right corner of the notes page.

All of these changes will automatically show up in the web portal. In the activity feed, you'll be able to see when a note was added and deleted, as well as any history of edits to a note. Learn more about notes on the web here.

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