To completely delete a recurring service plan from your 'Plans we offer' list, you must first ensure that the plan is not attached or active with any of your customers.

You will not be able to delete the service plan from your list if it is active with any of your customers. You must first delete or cancel the plan from all customers in order.

To Delete a Service Plan:  

1. First make sure the plan is removed from all customer profiles 

2. Click the 'My Apps' icon in your navigation bar

3. Select 'Service Agreements'

4. In the 'Plans we offer' section, click the plan you'd like to delete

  • If the plan is NOT attached to any customer address, the 'Delete Plan' option will appear in the lower left corner in red

5. Simply click 'Delete Plan'

6. Click 'Delete' to confirm

  • NOTE: This is a permanent action and cannot be undone

If the plan is still attached to a customer address, you will see:

  • A yellow warning banner along the top 

  • 'Delete Plan' in grey

To see which of your customers still have this plan applied to their profile:

  • Click 'Cancel'

  • In the 'Customer plans' box, click 'See All'

  • Click 'Plan' to sort the list by plan types

  • Click the customer name and you will be taken to their profile

  • Delete the service plan from the customer's address as you normally would (click here for further instructions)

Once the plan has been removed from all customer profiles, you will be able to delete the service plan. 

Delete or Cancel a Customer's Recurring Service Plan

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