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Overdue Invoices Dashboard Report
Overdue Invoices Dashboard Report

View all of your overdue invoices from your dashboard and quickly send to remind customers to pay you.

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Overdue Invoices are jobs with outstanding balances that: 

  • have an invoice due date that is more than 7 days ago AND have not been invoiced in the last 7 days 


  • were completed more than 7 days ago AND were never invoiced

Any jobs that match the requirements above will appear in your overdue invoice dashboard report. 


  • Invoice emails that fail to send act as invoices that have not been sent and will be included.

  • Invoices with partial payment will not appear in this list 

What happens when I click 'Send'?

As soon as you click 'Send', Housecall Pro will attempt to send your customer an invoice via text AND email. 

  • If the customer does NOT have an email on file, the email cannot be sent

  • If the customer does NOT have a mobile number on file, the text cannot be sent

  • If the 'Pay Online' option is disabled for the customer, no text will be sent.

  • If there are multiple customer emails on file, only the first email will receive it

  • Both the email and text (if applicable) will be sent to the customer whether or not their profile notifications are ON/OFF 

NOTE: Custom SMS is NOT required in order to send the text. 

What do the customer email and text messages say? 

  • If an invoice has previously been sent to that customer, the new invoice will have the same 'Payment settings' as the original.

  • If an invoice has NOT been sent before, the invoice will default to your company's saved pay online options. 

To set your company's default payment settings for invoicing, toggle on/off your desired settings, click 'Remember pay online option', and then click 'Send'. 

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