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Dashboard Report - Open Invoices
Dashboard Report - Open Invoices
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Click on an individual bar to view a report of all invoices that fall within the criteria (listed above). 


Click 'View All' for a report of all past due, due, and unsent invoices.

Open Invoice Report

  1. Invoice ID: invoice number

  2. Customer: name of customer (parent-child setup will show child name) 

  3. Job tech: name of one dispatched employee (will choose based on employee list order)

  4. Due amount: amount that has not been paid

  5. Job finished: date 'Finished' was clicked on the job

  6. Invoice last sent: most recent date the invoice was sent to the customer

  7. Due date: based on invoice sent date & due date terms

  8. Terms: invoice due date setting (learn how to change your invoice due date)

  9. Notes: private job notes 

  10. Address: the job service address 

Hover over an invoice row to:

  • Expand the row to view all job notes

  • Send the invoice to the customer

  • Delete the job completely (not just from the report)

To filter the report:

  • Click 'Status

  • Check the boxes you'd like to include

  • Click 'Apply' to see changes

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