Using the Blue Chat Bubble

The multiple ways you can utilize the Blue chat bubble resources.

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When you are working in your account and have a question you would like to ask our support team, the blue chat bubble is the fastest way to get an answer. 

You can find the blue chat bubble located in the bottom right corner of most pages in your account. Click that blue chat bubble to get assistance.

When the Blue Chat Bubble opens up you will have some options:

  1. Start a new conversation (Send us a message)

  2. Search for the answer in our Help Article section

  3. View new features released on Housecall Pro

  4. See your previous conversations to refer to similar questions you have had or to continue a conversation you were already having with a representative

If you are in a conversation and need to get back to the main menu, click the back arrow. 

  • If you are ever in a chat and need to close the bubble completely you can use the X button located in the top right corner. 

Please Note: Closing out the blue chat bubble will not lose any chats you have had or are having. You can always click on it and open up previous chats as far back as when you first started with Housecall Pro.

Additionally: If you close out the blue chat bubble, when you receive a message it will pop up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

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