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How to Get the Most From Customer Support
How to Get the Most From Customer Support
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Support Hours

Housecall Pro offers Chat Support:

  • Monday - Friday | 5 AM to 5 PM (PST)

  • Saturday & Sunday | 8 AM to 4 PM (PST)

If a chat is received after our normal business hours, we will respond the next day.

Housecall Pro offers Phone Support:

We can be reached at 1-877-944-9010

  • Monday - Friday | 5 AM to 5 PM (PST)

  • Saturday | 8 AM to 4 PM (PST)

When To Chat

More complex issues may require screenshots and screen recordings. For these types of issues, we recommend chat:

  • Payments and Credit Card processing related issues

  • Quickbooks or payroll-related issues

  • If you need help adding or removing a user

  • Questions about your billing or charges to your account

  • Questions regarding third-party integrations such as Force by Mojio or Job Inbox

  • Questions related to your Housecall Pro Website

Please note, if you switch media types throughout the chat you may not receive incoming message notifications. For example, if you initiate a chat on the web and then switch to your mobile device you may not receive those notifications on your mobile device.
Please check the Messages section of your device to ensure you don’t miss any responses. Chats will be closed out after a certain amount of time if we don’t hear back from you. We appreciate your understanding!

When To Call

For best results, we recommend calling in for the following cases:

  • If you are a newer Pro

  • For quick one-off questions

  • Sole proprietorships

  • Simple requests like resetting your password

  • If you need help with reviews

  • Updating employee information

  • Updating your profile

  • Help with creating an invoice

  • Assistance with estimates

How To Reach Us By Chat

How Best to Chat with us

When opening a new support chat, please have the following information available in order for our support team to best assist you:

  • A detailed explanation of the issue

    • Who is experiencing the issue

    • When the issue began

    • The device being used

  • Specific job/estimate examples, even if the issue seems to occur on all jobs/estimates

  • Screenshots/videos of the issue or error messages you are seeing

Using the Blue Chat Bubble

Please use this link to locate the step-by-step guide for reaching our chat support team from your Housecall Pro account on desktop or mobile.

When you are working in your account and have a question, the Blue Chat Bubble is the fastest way to get an answer. You can find the Blue Chat Bubble located in the bottom right corner of most pages in your account. Click that Blue Chat Bubble to get assistance.

How To Reach Us By Phone

For phone support call us at 1-877-944-9010 from 5 AM - 5 PM (PST).

How to Book a Call

If you are on the Basic or Essentials plan, our Customer Success team is available for one-off coaching, basic troubleshooting, and core feature questions. Please call or chat in to request a scheduled coaching call. Our scheduled calls are 30-minute increments and there is no limit to the amount of coaching calls you may schedule.

Max Pro Coaching Call

Our MAX Pros will have a dedicated link to schedule coaching calls in their Blue Chat Bubble. If you are on the Max plan and need coaching about the software, you have the option to schedule a call with an Onboarding Specialist or a MAX Support Representative. Please navigate to the home section of the Blue Chat Bubble. From the first screen of the Blue Chat Bubble, you will see a button labeled ‘Schedule Coaching’ when scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

HCP Assist Support

The HCP Assist call log provides access to all of your calls in one central location, plus makes it easy for you to view details about each call. Moreover, through our new support channel integration, you can quickly reach out for help with your HCP Assist calls. Learn more here.

Other Ways We Can Help You

Find basic troubleshooting steps here

If you happen to have an issue and are unable to reach us for some reason (after hours, holidays, etc.), we have some basic troubleshooting to help you.

Find more Help-Articles here

If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about our system you can search keywords in our Help Article portal.

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