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How can I see the Company View on my Android?
How can I see the Company View on my Android?

Learn how to view the schedule for all your employees in a few seconds!

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When you first log in to the Housecall Pro app on your Android device, you will land on the Dashboard.

From your mobile app's dashboard, tap the Schedule icon in the bottom left corner. The icon is in the shape of a calendar and is positioned between the Dashboard and Messages icon.

The schedule icon brings up your calendar, on the calendar page located in the upper right you'll find the filter icon. The icon is depicted by 3 horizontal bars that vary in size.

Clicking the filter icon brings up your calendar filters.

The calendar can be filtered by List View, 1-Day View, or 3-Day View.

On this screen, you can also choose to see your entire team's calendar or filter for specific employees by checking and unchecking the box next to their names.

The company schedule will show the employee profiles assigned colors.

NOTE: Only employees with Office Staff or Admin/Owner permissions are able to view the company schedule.

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