To help you more easily fulfill your customers’ service plan visits, we updated the functionality of the “service plan” section on the Job page. Now, the service plan section automatically provides key information about a customer’s service plan, including the duration and expiration date, as well as the next unscheduled visit. With more visibility into which of your customers has an active service plan, you can easily see which customers are due for their next visits or require preferred treatment.

How It Works

When creating a job for a customer we will automatically show you whether or not that customer has an active service plan – and if they do, we’ll show you the details for that plan, including the plan’s expiration date and duration.

Web screenshots:

Android screenshots:

From here, you can easily fulfill your customers’ service plan visits by connecting an upcoming visit to the job you’re creating or editing. Further, when you attach the visit to the job, we’ll automatically create a line item with the visit and plan name so you can easily track your visits on your invoices.

Web screenshots:

Android screenshots:

If a customer has multiple service plans active, we’ll let you choose which service plan’s visit you want to associate with this job.

Once a visit has been selected and attached to a saved job, it is not removable from the job page.

To remove or change the visit that is attached to the job, navigate on web to the Service Plan Details Page for that customer’s plan and click the pencil icon to edit that visit. Learn more about this process here.

If a customer has no active plans, you won’t see this service plan tile. On web, visit the Customer Profile for that customer to view any other plans they may have, such as draft or expired plans, and to create a new plan for that customer.

Currently, this functionality is available on web and Android, with iOS coming soon.

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