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Verify Your Identity for Voice
Verify Your Identity for Voice

Ensure your customers know who you are when you call

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It's important to verify your identity so that we may properly register your phone numbers. This ensures two things:

  1. Your calls don't show up as spam to your customer

  2. Your calls show your company name to your customer

We do this by registering your phone numbers, on your behalf, for SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM.

Verify Your Identity

When you onboard with Voice, we will show you this dialog to ask for more information about your business:

This data allows us to register your phone numbers with your business through Twilio.


SHAKEN/STIR is a protocol by the FCC to address unwanted robocalls and unlawful spoofing. It is a caller authentication framework where we register your phone numbers under your business information. Once they are registered, it will increase the chances of your calls getting answered because they won't show as spam to your end customers. For more details, please visit Twilio's documentation.


Caller ID Name or CNAM is a service which provides the name of the calling party. This must be a 15-character name. When you verify your identity through onboarding, we will also register your phone number with the CNAM lookup so that it shows your business name to the customer. For more details, please visit Twilio's documentation.

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