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Hardware & Browser Recommendations for Voice Solution
Hardware & Browser Recommendations for Voice Solution

Headsets, browsers, and computer recommendations for Voice

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The purpose of this article is to recommend different hardware for our Voice solution so you know what will work best for your team.


  1. Google Chrome (recommended)

  2. Safari

  3. Firefox


  1. Any computers with microphone support. Laptops will generally always have a built-in microphone so basic headphones will work well with our Voice solution

  2. If you have a desktop computer, you will likely need a headset. See section below for recommendations


If your computer doesn't have microphone support automatically, then you will need a headset that can connect to your computer. Your headset will need input and output capabilities. A few brand recommendations that our existing Pros are using:

  1. Jabra (Elite 45h or Evolve2 75)

  2. Logitech (H600 Wireless Headset or H390 Wired Headset)

  3. Plantronics (Voyager 5200 or EncorePro HW510V)

  4. Apple (AirPods or EarPods)

Note: We do not support VoIP desk phones right now but are looking at how to support those in the future.

Internet Speeds

VoIP runs on the internet so it's important that you have high upload and download speeds so that VoIP performs well.

We suggest 115 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speeds at the very least. Please be advised you may still get the โ€œWe have detected poor call quality conditions. You may experience degraded call quality.โ€ error message. But even if you get this message, you can still have good call quality. That message typically warns you ahead of time so you may still be able to have calls with no jitter.

If you are looking to test your internet, you can search the internet for an internet speed test or here is a good one: Speedtest by Ookla.

Additionally, if you have further questions, here are some resources on internet speeds:

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