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Connecting Housecall Pro and Google Local Services Ads
Connecting Housecall Pro and Google Local Services Ads

How to connect Housecall Pro and Google Local Services Ads and how the integration works

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The online booking integration with Google Locals Services Ads gives customers the ability to see when you’re available so that they can book your services directly from your Local Services ad. To learn more about Local Services Ads by Google, click here.

Once a service is booked on your Google Local Services Ads, you will start getting jobs in your Job Inbox channel in Housecall Pro, so that you never miss a new opportunity.

To Connect the Integration:

You must be part of the Google Guaranteed program to use the Housecall and Local Services Ads integration.

Once you've been Google Guaranteed, then you can connect the integration.

Set up your business hours

Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon:

Go to Business hours on the left side of the page:

Configure your business hours by clicking EDIT on the right side of Online booking windows:

Configure your Online booking windows and click SAVE when done:

Make sure to also select the employees you would like available. In Settings select Employees & permissions.

Click the pencil icon next to each employee you would like to make available to be booked. Then go to Permissions on the left side, and toggle on Online booking availability. Click SAVE when done.

(Note: This is how to set your online booking windows for Google LSA, but NOT for Reserve with Google. The Reserve with Google integration uses the availability you have entered for Online Booking under Settings -> Online booking -> Booking settings. Additional instructions can be found here.)

Enable Google Local Services under the Job Inbox app card and enabled the toggle on the LSA app card

Go to the app store, and click Learn More on the job Inbox app card. Toggle the Job Inbox app to Active if it's not on already.

Then toggle on the section for Google Local Services under the Job partners section of that app. Once that's on, hit the back arrow to return to the app store.

Find the LSA app, and click Learn More on the Google LSA app card.

Once you click the toggle, you'll be prompted to configure your Google price list

Configure your Google price list in your price book

Click on Set Up Price Book Items. You'll see that a Google category has been added to each of your industries.

Once you click on your Google category, you'll see that all of you services have been automatically added.

Google has predefined a set of items that will be available for booking for your industries, meaning:

  • You CANNOT move other items into the category

  • You CANNOT define your own items to be booked on Google's Local Services Ads

  • The title of items CANNOT be changed, but you can change the description and price

You can edit the description and/or price, or remove services by clicking on the three dots on the right side of each service.

Link your Google account to Housecall Pro

Navigate to your Inbox tab located on the top banner and click on the Job Inbox channel. Then click on the Google Local Services channel group. Then click Connect to Google

You will be redirected to Google to link your account. Once you log in to your Google account, the account status will show as pending. If your account is in the pending status for more than a few minutes, it might be because you did not complete the process of getting Google Guaranteed.

How the integration works

✅ Once you connect your Google LSA account, you will start getting jobs directly in your Job Inbox channel. This means that customers can book your services online and you will immediately see them on your calendar and in your Job Inbox channel group.

When you click Learn More, you can view the job details and contact information in order to chat with the customer. When you click Chat Customer Now, you will be redirected to the customer's channel group.

When you connect your Google Local Services Ads with Housecall Pro, you'll see your bookings directly in your Housecall Pro inbox.

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